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Add My Race

Are you a Race Director or do you know a Race Director who would like to include their race? Here's what you do: 

1. Get your Course Map 

In order to do all the fancy math, we need your course map, as detailed as possible. So we'll need the basic map, and then any pertinent details. Like, say, if the roads are going to be closed or if runners will be restricted to a certain side. How they'll be directed through an intersection. Where the start and finish line are. The detailed parts can be as simple as this. 


2. Media

Any images you have to promote the race? We'll need those to help you promote your race. After all, that is the point. We'll put them on this site and share them on Facebook and any other social media. If you have a transparent vector logo, that's even better, as we can use that in any advertising. 

3. Promote, Promote, Promote!

We'd ask you to not just promote your race, but the other races in the series as well (and the series as a whole). Some of your runners will want to know about the races that are run before yours, so they can do well in the overall standings (and therefore be even more inclined to run your race for the 4th time instead of looking around to see if there's any other interesting races in the area.)

4. Results

We'll need your results in a .csv or something else we can easily get into a spreadsheet. Please don't send a Word doc. It adds so much extra work and invites so many opportunities for error. We'll need at least the following information:


If we don't have DOB (or, at minimum, Age on Race Day), then we can't really include that runner in the results and they can't win any prizes. It'd be really nice to have email addresses, so we can easily contact them if they do win a prize, but a lot of runners don't bother with that if they sign up on race day. 

That's it! Think you'd like to include your race? Email Lucas McNelly (lmcnelly [at] gmail [dot] com) and he'll get you set up. 

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