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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, I'm sure. 

My Time is Wrong

Any timing issues are at the discretion of the Race Director. Contact them with any questions or discrepancies. If that doesn't work and you've got overwhelming evidence, then we can try to help, but it's going to be the RD's call. 

What About Volunteers?

We love volunteers! So if you volunteer at a race, it'll count as a race run, but you won't get any actual points. So, if you run 3 races and volunteer at 2 races, your total will be divided by 3, but you'll still get credit for having "run" 5 races. Just have the Race Director tell us you volunteered. 

I Saw a Guy Cheat

Please contact the Race Director. If a runner is disqualified by the Race Director, they will be removed from the series standings. We can't be everywhere at once, so we rely on the Race Director to make that call. But, anyone DQ'ed has no place in the running community of Midcoast Maine. 

I Ran the Wrong Thing 

Oh dear. These things happen. We reserve the right to handle these things on a case-by-case basis, but generally here's our protocol...If you missed a turn and, say, ran 2.9 miles instead of a full 5K, we'll work with the runner and the RD to determine what course they actually ran and re-measure based on that. This is to prevent someone from actually running 2.9, but getting credit for a very fast 3.1. If we're unable to do that, or if the distance run is nowhere near the race distance (say you ran 1 mile out of a 5K), we'll list you as DNF. You'll get credit for running the race, but you won't get any points. In either case, you'll be ineligible for any placement bonus, as you did not run the full distance. 


As always, it is the runner's responsibility to know the course.  

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